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Nikki Thompson

Name: Nikki Thompson
Birthday: December 21
Hometown: Baytown, TX

Where did you go to college:
Baylor University

Where did you attend church:
Baker Road Baptist Church- grew up in this little, yet full-of-love church for 18 years before moving to Columbus Avenue Baptist while attending Baylor. Both churches gave me great opportunities to use my gifts and supported me through everything.

Occupation/or future plans:
I graduate from Baylor in May '07 and I currently work at Texas Roadhouse as a server. I plan to start interviewing at different school districts in the next few months to be a choir teacher for the upcoming school year! Gotta love it!!

Background in music:
The biggest choir dork you'll ever know! (seriously) Church choir since I could talk, choir all the way through grade school, majoring in Music Education at Baylor, then teaching a choir of my very own. 'Nuff said!

I love fishing, mostly freshwater, for bass and trout, I have an addiction to American Idol that is really not healthy (joking), and I love singing in choir, solo, groups, for school, for fun, anywhere really. I have just discovered the best video game in the world, Guitar Hero! I also love to bowl, even though I'm not very good. It's all about being with friends and family and having an awesome time.

Thoughts on Beyond Jordan:
This group has been such a blessing in my life. We usually meet at least twice a week, and I always look forward to it. Practice with "the girls" as I call them is not only a time for work on our music, but is so much more. It is a vent session, comic review, and stress reliever! If someone were to walk in on one of our rehearsals they might see anything from rolling-on-the-floor laughter to tears. We definitely lift each other up.

Tell us about your faith:
Where to start…I grew up in a tiny church, where everyone knows everyone, which was totally cool because all of my close friends were in my youth group and Sunday school class. I accepted my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, at Lake Tomahawk Baptist Encampment when I was twelve. I called my parents the next day and was later baptized by my daddy on Father's day! My walk with the Lord has definitely not been perfect, but has revealed so much to me. He has guided me through dating, college, and many tough decisions. When I think that I know which way to turn, He lets me know He is in control. At this point in my life He is the certainty when everything else is so uncertain.

Tell us a few of your favorite verses and why they speak to you:
I am probably the worst person at memorizing anything, so I would be lying if I said that verses flooded my mind while answering this question. I am the one that writes down the lyrics on my hand for the concert! Haha. Instead of memorizing verses, I do better with stories that I can relate with.

Moses- I pray that God pushes me just like He pushed Moses. Some days I feel like I can't do it. School and work seem overwhelming, and I am at a crossroads with graduation close at hand. Moses felt the same way when God told him to go to Pharaoh, but the Lord gave him courage and strength. When I remember this story I am reminded that my Savior takes all of my stress and worries upon Himself so that I don't have to bear them. What a mighty God we serve!

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